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Please include a CLOSE IMAGE button on the toolbar and a CLOSE IMAGE on the FILE menu so I can close an image but not close the program and not open another image. As is, one cannot clear the work area without exiting and restarting the app.

twinz, 10.05.2012, 07:40
Idea status: under consideration


Whiterabbit-uk, 10.05.2012, 08:47
Very good point; never noticed that you couldn't clear the work space.
MikeR, 10.05.2012, 15:24
You don't need a 'Close' button because you don't need to 'close' any image. Just work on it, save it, and then click on the 'open file' icon and the app will go to the next picture you want to process, an will itself close the one you've just finished and saved. It's not unusual for apps to automatically close a file after it has been saved and the user has then opened another file. Asking the developer to add a wholly unnecessary button to the toolbar is, frankly, silly.

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